— Deanne Gertner is a writer, arts critic, editor, curator, and creative professional living in Denver, Colorado.

Miscellaneous Materials

A newspaper exploring happiness. A pop-up gallery on wheels. This is just the beginning.


Ear to Ear: Beyond the Smile

Created for Happy City Denver in collaboration with Denver Theatre District and Black Cube Nomadic Museum

Happy Crest by Chinn Wang

“Ear to Ear” is a one-issue newsprint publication created for "Happy City: Art for the People" which is inspired by British artist Stuart Semple and produced by the Denver Theatre District with artistic direction by Black Cube. The publication investigates the concept of happiness through a myriad of local and national contributors’ perspectives, including scientific, poetic and personal approaches. Community partners include Denver Museum of Nature & Science, CU Depression Center, Urban Peak, Denver Department of Public Safety, Denver Art MuseumDenver Public Library, and Lighthouse Writer's Workshop. Individual contributors include Chinn Wang, Marsha Mack, Matthew Hoffman, Emily Vizzo, Kurt Caswell, J.M. Farkas, Jonathan White, Molina Speaks, John Cotter, Kevin Caron, Kimberly McClintock, and Luke Dani Blue among others. The publication was released in print and online on May 18, 2018.


"Happy City: Art for the People" is a six-week, citywide art intervention with the purpose of breaking down personal, emotional, and social barriers, while nurturing individual and collective well-being from May 18 - June 30, 2018. For more information about “Happy City: Art for the People,” visit


A pop-up art gallery on wheels featuring original works under $200

Hitting Denver's streets July 2018

Hey Hue’s “Sex Drugs Rock & Roll” at the 2018 Underground Music Showcase

Hey Hue is a new, experimental art agency based in Denver, CO created to promote artist entrepreneurship and art collecting. With a focus on affordability, Hey Hue democratizes the art buying experience by making original art accessible. It also provides artists with new and supplemental revenue streams to support their art practices and increase their collector bases. Hey Hue is dedicated to expanding opportunities for artists, increasing arts participation, and creating unique, irresistible arts experiences.